Naturopathic Medicine:
How It Works

Naturopathic physicians are guided in their treatment decisions by the idea that it is the nature of all things to return to balance; it is the nature of organisms- plants, animals, people- to heal.
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Talked to Your
Physician Lately?

What can you expect as a patient when you seek treatment from a naturopathic doctor?
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to read an article from the Journal of Family Practice describing a naturopathic visit and the role NDs play in our health care system.

Why Naturopathic Medicine Should Be Licensed in All 50 States
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Welcome to Summit Natural Wellness Center

Our physicians and staff welcome you. At Summit Natural Wellness Center we are dedicated to personalized health care, with an emphasis on science-based natural therapies. Our goal is help you overcome illness and maximize your health using the latest advances in functional and alternative medicine.

If this is your first exposure to Naturopathic medicine, it is important to understand our approach to health care. Please browse through our website and familiarize yourself with the doctors, the clinic, the fundamentals of Naturopathic medicine and other practical information.

Our website is a dynamic tool—frequently updated to keep you abreast of current research and news in the alternative medicine community. Our Health Library offers several useful resources such as Healthy Eating & Recipes, Health from A-Z, Health in the News, Videos, Referrals & much more.

Thank you for your interest in Summit Natural Wellness Center. We look forward to working with you. Enjoy the journey.

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